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All new! Done-for-You Promotions & Products by The BIZ
Each of these DONE FOR YOU products are solving problems we’ve seen in the community. Gym owners spend hundreds of hours developing specialty programs, creating emails and marketing, and writing programming.

These three programs have been tested and PROVEN for success where your clients will see the results they’re looking for and you will have reduced friction plus, see more revenue.

Each program can help you reach NEW athletes AND keep your CURRENT athletes on the path to reach their specific goals.

Everything you could need to run these programs is included:

Emails, FB posts, programming, meal advisement..

PLUS you’ll get Quarterly Calls with the creators!
Silver Nanos
Silver Nanos is designed for 40 & over dedicated to promoting function, strength and mobility to an age group that statistically rapidly declines in muscle mass & mobility.

This is the perfect program to attract new members who are looking for the health benefits of functional fitness but are concerned about intensity.
- Programming Done for You
- Exclusive Access to private FB group
- CFC makes $13000/mo. from Silver Nanos alone
- Supplement suggestions
- Quarterly Calls
- Emails and FB posts done for you
The Lean Machine
The Lean Machine takes your athletes through a 30 Day nutrition transformation.

It teaches a healthy diet to get rid of unwanted fat while also helping participants understand how to make their health a true lifestyle for their entire life.

- Programming Done for You
- Exclusive Access to Private FB group
- During the last 30 Day Fat Loss CFP made $15,000
- Average Fat Loss in 30 days: 12 lbs and 10 inches!
- Quarterly Calls
- Emails and FB posts done for you
Jacked & Tan
Jacked & Tan gives you exactly what your clients need to get the muscle and STRENGTH they’ve always wanted.

With programming and marketing designed for specific aesthetic goals, you’ll attract exactly the right athletes from your current client base and prospective clients.
- Programming Done for You and Proven to Achieve Specific Aesthetic Goals
- Exclusive Access to Private FB group
- 10 Detailed Videos walking you through every aspect of the program
- Quarterly Calls
- Emails and FB posts done for you
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“When I started, I could deadlift a max of 135 and back squat about 75. After just four months of Silver Nanos, I can deadlift 200 pounds and back squat 135 pounds!” - Karla, 48
“Because this program  [Silver Nanos] is geared for my age group I no longer need to modify every workout and thus I am now constantly challenging myself to achieve new skills. I am now physically in the best shape of my life, and looking forward to many healthy, happy years thanks to this program” - Joan, 58
“I began my journey [with the Lean Machine] at 165+ lbs and recently weighed in with the numbers in the 130’s. I haven’t seen that since high school! I had my first wedding dress fitting yesterday and there’s more to take in!” - Laura
“I am completely thrilled to say that I am down 16 pounds and a little over 6 inches lost! I never expected to do this well! Honestly at the beginning [of The Lean Machine] I didn’t have much faith in myself because I thought giving up my bad eating habits would be to hard to do but I did it!!” - Shawn
“Only 4 weeks into Jacked & Tan it’s been amazing and people are saying oh my gosh what are you doing - I’m the most jacked I’ve been in years, my body has gone to the next level. I’ve had to add holes to my belt too!” - Tim
RECOMMENDED:  Save BIG by getting all 3 done-for-you programs in one fell-swoop... $799. ($400 savings!)